Important Announcement

27 September, 2019

Huture Summit is coming in Spring 2020

We are eager to a space for all key stakeholders to meet, rethink and co-create the future … in which we, human beings, smartly walk the change using technology to happily live with and in nature. A HUTURE.

As we experienced some technical and organisational issues, we have decided to postpone the Huture Summit to Spring 2020 in order to create the most impact. This also enables us to gather more thinkers and shapers, who will co-create the sustainable future we all wish and want. We understand that the change is only possible, if experts representing the whole tourism ecosystem - local authorities, government, private and public sector, businesses and academia - will join forces and discuss as well as learn. And suddenly fear of the changes will diminish and the collaboration spirit within the ecosystem rise.

The HUTURE Summit is not about where we are, but about where we want to go – about the why and the how. Join us by sharing your work moving us towards the vision of the Huture (email link

Get ready for action and walk the change with us!