What is Huture Summit?

07 August, 2019

Main topics and aims of the Huture Summit

Local authorities as well as representatives from government, businesses and academia will meet this October for the first time with a common goal: To discuss new perspectives, combine their own expertise and creativity for developing strategies and wisdom and put technology, humans and nature to advantage with us.

The four dimensions of the Summit are Human, Nature, Technology and Future, which all together create a full picture and present us with a roadmap for the future.

First, the topics of the Human dimension addresses the challenges humans might face in the future. We will be binding together creative minds to co-create concepts, which will potentially serve both, humans and nature in the future ... And to have a thriving future, we have to become more sustainable. The Nature dimension will focus on exactly that, sustainability. Mainly concentrating on the possible causes and consequences of climate change on physical, biological and human systems. The last section of the programme on the first day represent the Future dimension that is all about inspiration and transformation. The spotlight will be on embracing the changes and developing new ideas on how to serve the permanent and rapid transformation(s) in order to create a future, we want for us and future generations. During the second day, it will be all about Technology dimension of Huture. We will be zooming in on practical steps of walking the change by using technology to happily live with and in nature.

The overreaching goal of Huture Summit is to answer intriguing questions about digitalisation or the fourth or whatever technological revolution. Nowadays, when it feels like the changes are happening all the time, the challenge is how to serve permanent and rapid transformations and co-create the future we want for us and future generations. And we want to contribute to that by creating the space for key stakeholders to meet, rethink and co-create the future because we understand it is not about the machines, it is about rethinking us, humans.

Join us in walking the change with us by reserving your ticket to the Huture Summit.