walking the change

what is the HUTURE Summit about

Humanity is at a turning point in the evolution process and one can easily feel confused about what is the most important lesson to be learned in this modern age. While focusing on digitalisation itself, many are still missing the broader view that it is not about the machines, or on the fourth or whatever technological revolution, it is about rethinking us, humans.

The amount of human knowledge is doubling every year but...

Do we really have more wisdom in this ever-changing world?

What is the role of young, old, educated, conservative and disruptive?

What are durable values for us to lean on while taking decisions?

The answer to those challenges is the HUTURE Summit.

It will shape a space for all key stakeholders to meet, rethink and co-create the future

… in which we, human beings, smartly walk the change using technology to happily live with and in nature. A Huture.

Huture Summit 2020 focuses

How can local providers and community better cooperate with big players?

How can tourism benefit from the new technologies?

How can creative thinking bring us beyond our limits?